Eddie Kendricks: If You Let Me
From People…Hold On (Tamla, 1972)

Eddie Holman: This Can’t Be True
From 7″ (Parkway, 1966). Also available on This Can’t Be True.

I know I just featured another song off of this same Eddie Kendricks album recently but I swear, it’s just a coincidence. I hadn’t done a Black Label update in a long time and I had been meaning to play out some more Kendricks and the only material by him in the Black Label happens to be off People…Hold On. And why not? As I said before: one of the best soul albums ever. If you still don’t believe, listen to how sublime “If You Let Me” is. I’d offer up another song but those who don’t already own this album now have two incentives to get it. If you still ain’t feeling my man, there’s no hope.

Same goes for the incredible sweet soul of Eddie Holman with “This Can’t Be True.” He’s best known for his late ’60s hit for ABC: “Hey There, Lonely Girl,” a solid tune, no question but “This Can’t Be True,” recorded a few years earlier for Parkway is pretty incredible. Heavy blues-style production tugs you down to the earth while Holman’s angelic falsetto pulls heavenward: a devestating combo, especially on the chorus.