Nilsson: Me and My Arrow/Poli High
From The Point (RCA Victor, 1971)

Chicago: Street Player
From Chicago 13 (Chicago, 1979)

Shall we continue with some more rock tunes? We shall.

One of these days, I need to rent a copy of the movie, The Point which, apparently, tells the story of a round-headed boy in a land of pointy-heads. Much discrimination ensues in this powerful animated treatise on tolerance and hate. Or maybe not, who knows.

All I know is that “Me and My Arrow” comes off the movie’s soundtrack, all entirely done by the late Harry Nilsson. I originally thought “Arrow” was his car but as it turns out, it’s round-headed dude’s dog. I can’t say I’ve heard a lot of canine homage songs but this would rank at the top for me just for the charming, piano-driven track and Nilsson’s vocal touches. The thing about the album is that it’s one continuous narrative, with interludes between the songs that explain the wackiness that is The Point. I let “Me and My Arrow” play into the interlude, “The Game,” which then goes into the next song, “Poli High,” another folksy, funky bit of rock eclecticism.

Next up is the song “Street Player,” from this small, obscure band called Chicago. I doubt many of you have ever heard of them but apparently they had a bit of a cult following – that’s they named the album 13, it’s probably some kind of witchy, superstitious thing. Maybe Chicago used to bite the heads off of bats or something.

Anyways, “Street Player,” should be promptly filed under the category of “disco songs that don’t suck.” Not everyone agrees with me but f’get that – this song is great. How can you front on the rousing horn riffs at the beginning or the chattering disco break in the middle? C’mon ya’ll, show Chicago some love on this one.