(image from The Stax Site)

Linda Lyndell: What A Man
From 7″ (Volt, 1968). Also available on The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 2: 1968-1971

I was originally going to pair this fantabulous Lyndell song with a Betty Davis cut until I realized that Davis post (sometime in the future, promise). Lyndell never recorded much: just two singles on Volt but if you’re going to be a one-hit wonder, you could do worse than “What A Man.” This is hands-down one of the finest examples of funky female soul I can think of. It opens so beautifully: the guitar melody, the drums, the unexpected electric piano…and just when it couldn’t get better, Lyndell swoops in backed up by a trio of other singers and an organ comes in from nowhere. Then the chorus kicks in with a full brass section. Good god almighty! Makes me wish Lyndell had recorded more. Like 1,000 times more.