Group Home feat. Brainsick Mob: East NY Theory
From 12″ (white label, 1997)

Third Sight: Rhymes Like a Scientist
From 12″ (Darc Brotha, 199?)

Soul Sides has spent the week packing up our worldly possessions (including roughly 60 boxes of records, bleah) and in the process, yanked out two songs from the collection that caught our eye. The first is Group Home’s “East NY Theory,”, a white label 12″ they put out themselves in 1997. Surprisingly, DJ Premier did not produce this – Lil Dap handled the beat himself and it is, in our humble opinion, one of the most sublime tracks from the ’90s in its melancholy beauty. The song’s so good, even Malachi sounds good over it and Lil Dap drops some of his best verses ever.

From East New York to the East Bay, it’s Third Sight with “Rhymes Like a Scientist.” The opening portion is fine with its laid back style but the song transforms into the illness halfway through as the beat switches up and Third Sight go off the dark end: “I’m serious [read: Sirius] like the Dog Star/furious like Melle Mel/errrah!/I’ll crack your jaw with a crowbar/I’m raw as Moamar Qadaffi/monopoly on my property/my life’s philosophies/come talk to me/fuck Socrates/Plato and Aristotle/I’m fatal as hemlock in the bottle.” Siiiiiiiiick.