Supreme Nyborn: Breathless
From ? (Payroll, 198x)

Supreme Nyborn: Rhymes From a Swift Mind
From 12″ (Payroll, 1988) (B-side of “Versatility”)

It’s strange: of all of Payroll’s artists, Supreme Nyborn (aka Supreme DJ Nyborn) had the most releases, and the biggest career yet look online and you’ll find NOTHING on him, anywhere. Apparently, all we have is his music. (Update: as always, Chairman Mao comes with the knowledge.)

Nyborn began his career on Payroll (far as I can tell), best known for “Versatility” and its remix “Versatile Extension” (“Rhymes From a Swift Mind” appears on the B-side of “Versatility” but I seem to think there’s another version of “Versatility” that is missing one of these B-sides (probably “Extension”) As always, Nyborn’s fast-rap lyricism is a pleasure to witness. That’s why “Breathless” is such a treat: as far as I can tell, this song appears on nowhere else besides Payroll’s 1989 sampler tape and it simply burns. Feel this.