Black Moon: I Gotcha Opin remix
Black Moon: Buck ‘Em Down remix
Both from respective 12″s (Nervous/Wreck, 1994)

This may be one of the most difficult debates ever to exist in hip-hop. More than Nas vs. Jay-Z. More than Bad Boy vs. Death Row. More than J.J. Fad vs. Salt N’ Pepa.

Which Black Moon remix is better, “I Gotcha Opin” or “Buck ‘Em Down”?

How can you choose between Barry White’s “Playing Your Game” and Donald Byrd’s “Wind Parade,” both beautifully reworked by the Beatminerz? Seriously ya’ll, this is like Bush/Gore ’00 all over again, it just too close to call and will have to be taken to the Supreme Court of Public Opinion.

Shout out to Hua, aka the biggest Black Moon fan I know.