Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly: C.C. Rider
From S.C.R.A. (M7, 1971)

Afrique: Kissing My Love
From Soul Makossa (Mainstream, 1973)

Bill Black’s Combo: Tequila
From Rock N’ Roll Forever (Mega, 1973)

Ken Boothe: Down By the River
From Everything I Own (Wildflower, 1974)

Monty Alexander: Love and Happiness
From Rass (MPS, 1974)

For a limited time only, I decided to recap the five songs I sent over to Tofu […]

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The Soul Stirrers: He Knows How Much We Can Bear
Available on He’s My Rock.

Today brings the end of the Soul Hut collaboration. I graced Tofu Hut with one of my all-time favorite covers: “Love and Happiness” by Monty Alexander. John, in turn, gave us this song by The Soul Stirrers, along with these comments:“We end Soul Hut with a track that’s near and dear to my heart and one with a message that grants me succor through hard times.

The Soul Stirrers are best remembered today as being the matrix from […]

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Jackson Gospel Singers: Heaven Bound Train
Available on Heaven Bound Train: Southern Gospel 1949-1950

It’s the penultimate (I’ve always wanted to use that word) day of the Soul Hut collabo. Tofu Hut has my offering: a spanktacular cover of “Down By the River” done by Ken Boothe.

John laced us with the Jackson Gospel Singers and this commentary:“The Jackson Gospel Singers is an all-female band from New Orleans with just as great a range of sound and fury as any male counterpart.

I love the old gospel […]

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The Brewsteraires of Memphis: So Glad
Available on It’s Amazing: the Glorious Female Gospel 1947-1951

For Day Three of Soul Hut, I dropped off a copy of “Tequila” as done by Bill Black’s Combo. Tofu Hut came with the Brewsteraries of Memphis and John offered the following thoughts:

I’m sure all the vinyl junkies in the crowd will appreciate the spiderweb of surface noise on this track; it has the dusty sound of authenticity when it surfs underneath sounds as rapturous as these.┬áThe refrain of “feet been diggin’ out […]

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The Sensational Nightingales: Guide My Mind
Available on The Lord Will Make a Way: Early Recordings 1947-1951

On the second day of Soul Hut, I gave Tofu my this of thee, Afrique’s cover of Bill Withers’ “Kissing My Love.” Tofu, in turn, hit us with the Sensational Nightingales and their “Guide My Mind,” of which John says:“A friend mondegreen-ed [interpreted] the chorus of this song (which actually reads “put your bit down into my mouth and bridle down my tongue”) as “put your FIST into my mouth”. In some way, that interpretation feels […]

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Fairfield Four: Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around
From 7″ (Dot, 1947). Also available on Standing in the Safety Zone: 1946-1949 (Roots and Rhythm Records).

Intro to the Soul Hut: While I was looking at the sites run by my fellow audiobloggers, it dawned on me that there was no reason why a bunch of us shouldn’t put our heads together and start collaborating. Thus was born Soul Sides + Tofu Hut = Soul Hut.

Just to give it up to TH – John’s audioblog was one of […]

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