The Internet feat. Janelle Monáe: Gabby (Columbia, 2015, Ego Death)1

I’m not doing the Summer Song series this summer (I’ll probably bring it back next year though) but in listening to this new album by The Internet (whom I really like), I’m reminded of how my favorite summer songs aren’t the big, brash anthems (though those are pretty good too) but the ones that capture the stillness of summer moments created by the right blend of light and heat. Or something like that. My point is, in those moments, the soundtrack should definitely be like what The Internet does at its best (esp. when they invite Janelle Monáe to hang with ’em).

365 Days of Soul, #172

  1. Some will note that in my continuing – albeit flagging – attempt to sustain “365 Days of Soul” (which, if I’m being honest, I’ll probably ultimately fail at), I’m now backdating posts to keep the timeline consistent. But of course, I’m actually writing this a good month past the actual post date. C’est la vie.