The spring is shaping up to be a good one for Truth and Soul with the next Lee Fields & the Expressions album on its way but their winter was solid too (and apologies for not getting this out sooner). Their reissue dept. has been busy with a trio of fantastic releases, starting with…

Qunestine Strong: One Hundred Years From Now
From 7″ (Truth and Soul, 2013)

Apart from having one of the more unique names I’ve ever seen, this is one of the few soul singles I can think of out of Phoenix, recorded (I think?) back in 1973. According to the website’s liners, producer Lawrence Carroll had to figure out how to record 16 instruments on a basic 8-track. What you get is this balance between a slightly lo-fi recording and an impressively dense arrangement, all of which creates the sound bed that the aptly named Strong comes in over on and crushes with her vocals. Speaking of lo-fi though:

Beau Williams: I’ll Be Home Soon
From 7″ (Truth and Soul, 2013)

This is fantastic 7″…two unreleased demo tracks recovered from the vaults of Whit Records in 2011. It certainly still sounds like a demo but to me, that’s part of the charm: it’s so damn raw. It also doesn’t hurt that even the demo mix puts the drums up front and center. Both sides are aces. But as good as these two releases are, the release gem is…

Shirely Nanette: Give and Take + Tropic of Love
From Never Coming Back (Satara, 1973)

I wrote about this album nearly two years ago and raved about how it had become an instant favorite. I think it’s fantastic that it’s been reissued so that others can enjoy it. I do wish the liners were a bit more extensive on the reissue; I really want to know more about the recording, especially since Nanette is still around. But that aside, you should get this – such a wondrously diverse album in style and sound. I’m sharing “Give and Take” again as that’s my favorite and this time, I’m including “Tropic of Love” which I didn’t include before.