I’ve been talking up the new album by Lady (CD/digital) for months now and for good reason: it’s awesome. My NPR review for it ran yesterday and already, I’ve gotten more feedback on it than anything else I can remember in recent memory.

That’s very auspicious for them. And it also highlights that the act of putting ears onto an album or a new artist is like the proverb about leading a horse to water: just because I review an album doesn’t mean people will necessarily gel with it. Either people feel it or they don’t. I – or any other critic – have no magic power over that.



4 thoughts on “SWEET LADY”

  1. Just looked up Lady a few days ago when I saw they were opening for Lee Fields (who I plan on seeing when he comes to town). So glad I did. Definitely have to cop this album.

  2. Got to see them perform last night with Lee Fields. Fantastic show. They performed like pros, even though the crowd was pathetically small (c’mon Raleigh, get your sh!t together!). Enjoying the album, as well.

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