Tyrone Davis: Knock On Wood
Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
Can I Change My Mind
From Can I Change My Mind? (Dakar, 1969)

Late pass. Yeah, I know, I should have posted about this album years ago, especially since its title track is a favorite. But truth be told…I never owned the album; just had the 7″.

And no doubt, the title track is delicious but the LP is no one-tracker. For starters, the version of “Knock On Wood” is a rather radical departure from Eddie Floyd’s original 1 Instead of an uptempo monster, Davis completely transforms it into a deep soul ballad that is barely recognizable compared to its source material. Pretty damn killer.

And on the same tip, “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” is just as good. The arrangement here is a thing of beauty; I don’t think I properly appreciated it until I threw on some headphones for it but the bassist started killing me softly and the way Davis emotes on the hook had me all clutch-face.

And then there’s the title cut. If you don’t already think this is awesome, I can’t do nothing more for you.

  1. Straight up and down, the original rhythm section for Floyd’s version is one of the best goddamn things to ever come out of Stax.