A few housekeeping things for my readers.

First, I’m testing out a new way for people to stream audio off the site so that the songs play more like a radio playlist: Streampad. No disrespect to the Yahoo Media Player, which I had been using for years, but what annoyed me about it is whenever I wanted to check my own site via iPad or iPhone, it would load up the player which – being in Flash – wouldn’t work. I could, of course, blame Apple for not supporting Flash but I’m not about to trade in my iPhone for an Android so I needed to find a different solution. Streampad provides the same utility as far as streaming a playlist but doesn’t automatically trigger the player just because you click on one of my MP3 links. 1

Also, anyone who has been looking at the site via iPad will notice that it’s now powered with the Onswipe plug-in which reformats the site. I’m digging on that quite a bit.

If anyone’s running into issues with either, let me know.

  1. Ironically, Streampad’s “floating” bar doesn’t float on the iPhone Safari app; annoying but still better than the problems I had with the YMP.