I’ve been meaning to digitize my old mixtapes for a long time and finally got around to it. The only actual tape–>digital transfer I’ve made in recent years was Headwarmers, which I put together back in 1997 (I’ll be making a copy of this available for free download eventually). The next volume, Mixtification (O’s Dub Vol. 7) came out in early 1998.

I have to say, it’s been fun revisiting this era though I’m also struck at how many songs I probably would never reprogram if I were to revisit it. Here’s the tracklisting and the songs I still ride for I marked with a +. I thought about marking songs that I absolutely would leave by the wayside but opted against it. (But don’t let that stop you from remarking!)

Side Leo: 97 credentials intro
+De La Soul: Channel No Fever
+MF Doom: Gas Drawlz
Mass Influence: L.I.F.E. to the MC
boogie down flavor-lude
+Herbaliser w/ What What: New + Improved
Hieroglyphics: The Who?
+Mos Def: If You Can Huh?
Jigmastas: Iz You Dee remix
Heather B: Cloud Nine
+Heltah Skeltah: Cypher3 rx
+Siah & Yeshua dapo ED: A Day Like Any Other
Invisbl Skratch Piklz vs. the Clams of Death
Nice and Smooth: How to Flow (8Track remix)
Ranjahz: Friction
Rage: Super Supreme
+Black Attack: Verbal Attack
+Mental Giants: AK’s Groove
+IG Off and Hazardous: On the Air
Choclair: Just Takes a Second remix
Organized Konfusion: Tender remix
Dilated People: Global Dynamics
Alkaholiks: Likwadation
Derelect Camp: Lov or Fame
Ghetto Concept: Much Love
+Saukrates: Play Dis remix
Essence: Ya Gotta Know
+Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq: Marmalade
Ed OG (Laster): Off Balance
action-packed/summer storm interlude
Afu Ra: Hip Hop Running Through These Veins
+Rasco: Run the Line rx
E.C. & Rubberoom: Taste of Chicago

Side Virgo: simone speaks intro
Aceyalone: Faces
Latyrx: Bumpin’ Contraptions
+Mr. Live & Tony Bones: Placebo
Positive K feat. MOP: How Ya Livin’
+Jay Z: Streets Is Watching
Xzibit: Los Angeles Times
Natural Resource: I Love This World
+Q-Ball and Kurt Kazal: Rock the Spot remix
+Eastern Conference: Know a Little N****
+Brick City Kids: Brick City Kids
Common: Great Expectations
+ATCQ feat. Raw Digga: Mardi Gras at Midnight
+Roots feat. D’Angelo: The ‘Notic Part 2
Blade: The Way It Is
Self Scientific: Degrees
Lord Sear: Alcoholic Vibes
+O.C.: Jewelz
Lace Da Booms: Sumtimez
Soul Dwellas: Whateva
+Beatnuts: N****s Know
+Reflection Eternal, Mos Def & Mr. Manne: Fortified Live
Scienz of Life: Powers of Nine Ether
Trends of Culture: Do U Hear
Rakim: It’s Been a Long Time
Wu All Stars: Soul in the Hole
Mad Fanatic: Official Members
+GangStarr: You Know My Steez

Anyways, hope ya’ll enjoy: Mixtification