Whitefield Brothers: Sol Walk
From In The Raw (Reissue) (Now Again, 2009)

Congratulations to Phil Namoc who won the CD of the Whitefield Brothers reissue of In The Raw. We had many entrants and most people had all the correct answers, which you can see below. Thanks to all who participated and continue to read the site!

As an added bonus, take a listen to Sol Walk, above, from the album.


1. Jan Whitefield and other Poets Of Rhythm members played on this group’s Afrofunk album last year released by Now Again. Name the group.

ANSWER: Karl Hector and the Malcouns

2. Name the country and city where the Whitefield Brothers formed.

ANSWER: Munich, Germany

3. Name the Bay Area MC who the Poets Of Rhythm backed for a track on Quannum’s collective album Quannum Spectrum.

ANSWER: Lyrics Born