Fruko El Bueno: El Ausente
From Ayunando (Fuentes, 1973)

Fruko El Bueno: Soy Guajiro Del Monte
From El Caminante (Fuentes, 1974)

Fruko Y Sus Tesos: Manyoma
From Fruko El Grande (Fuentes, 1975)

First of all, let me echo the sentiments of both students and teachers everywhere: all praises to the end of the semester.

With that out of the way…I am, by no means, a salsa expert. Most of my Latin knowledge (which is still limited at best) is focused on Latin soul and boogaloo but one of the things I have that great Colombia! comp for was introducing me to the salsa caliente by Fruko Y Su Tesos, one of the biggest stars in Colombia’s Latin music scene since the 1970s.

I’ve since tracked down a few Fruko LPs and what appears above represents a small sliver from his overall catalog but they do include a few of his salsa cuts that have appealed to me. The first, “El Ausente” features the famous Colombian canta, Joe Arroyo (Arroyo appears on most of Fruko’s albums from this era). Great voice but it’s all about the cowbell, admit it.

“Soy Guajiro Del Monte” slows things down a bit with but flavors things up with a slick piano riff and Fruko’s wide-grooving basslines in the back. Love the use of back-up vocals too. That leaves us with “Manyomam,” which flaunts an even more prominent piano loop, plus that bank of horns and that amazing, soaring hook (with reverb no less). So proper.