Presenting the Soul Sides Boxsets… is very proud to introduce the first volume of the Soul Sides Boxset, a partnership with

The story behind the Soul Sides Boxsets (SSBS) is that I’ve been looking for an opportunity to write longer, more in-depth, pseudo-encyclopedic entries that highlight specific artists or genres or labels, etc. and do so with sound, text, videos and more.

I should add though: these are, by no means, meant to be definitive entries. For example, with this Aretha post, there’s a lot I don’t discuss (her entire Arista career, for example). The Boxsets, like Soul Sides itself, are written with an editorial vision/direction and some may find that too narrow, too broad, too stupid, whatever. You get my point.

Regardless, it was a project that was hard to pull off just for Soul Sides without some outside support. That’s where came in – as an arts-oriented social networking site, it made good sense to partner with them to help host the Boxsets and they have the kind of design and multimedia-friendly capabilities to assist us.

The focus of the first Boxset is Aretha Franklin (I alluded to this in the previous post). The reasons are numerous, not the least of which is that it made sense to kick off Soul Sides Boxsets with the Queen herself. That plus I had been stacking some good videos and book recommendations for the occasion.

Hopefully, this will become a monthly feature on Uber and that’s where I could use your help. The future success on this is dependent on people checking it out, telling others to peep and building a following. So please, take some time to visit, check it out, drop a comment on the Uber page, and pass the good word along.

Thanks for all your support, as always,

Oct. 2007