KRS-One + Marley Marl: He Was There!

KRS-One and Marley Marl: I Was There
From Hip Hop Lives (Koch, 2007)

Question: Has there been another hip-hop legend who has done more damage to his own legacy – by insisting we acknowledge his legacy – than KRS-One?

Sometimes I want to forget he made Criminal Minded or By All Means Necessary because then I have to acknowledge that he was once one of the greatest MCs ever. Now he’s making songs that sound like parodies of a comedian recording a “KRS-One song.” It’s a little depressing.

By the way, in terms of why KRS would be so remarkably defensive sounding against “rap historians” – I’m going to take a long shot and guess it has something to do with this.

Back in the day, I thought hip-hop would never die…