Deep Covers CD: Back in Stock (Finally)

Young Holt Unlimited/Erma Franklin/Jackie Wilson: Light My Fire

Eddy Senay: Ain’t No Sunshine
Both available on Deep Covers (F.O.S.S.I.L., 2003)

I know it’s been a minute since I had any of my older mix-CDs back in stock. Especially with SSV2: The Covers on its way out in mid-Spring, I wanted to bring back Deep Covers back for all those folks who never heard (or knew about) it to begin with. Deep Covers was the first time I tried tackling a mix of covers and SSV2 was obviously inspired by that and I hope to put out another covers mix this year as well. (Speaking of which, be sure to check out Chairman Mao’s excellent Run For Cover for more cover flavor).

Here are the liner notes to the CD and I’ve included two snippets from the 21 song playlist.

The above version of “Light My Fire” is actually three different songs-in-one. From best I can tell, Young Holt Unlimited covered the Doors’ hit as an instrumental and then Erma Franklin and Jackie Wilson both used that backing track for their own vocal versions. As you can hear ­ all three are completely identical musically speaking though I have to give a slight nod to Franklin for being the better vocalist in this pairing over Wilson.

Finding the right cover to include for Bill Withers’ “AIN’T NO SUNSHINE” was another tough one, since there are so many great ones. I decided to go with Eddy Senay’s because it’s just so damn laid-back.

Ordering info.
If anyone’s looking for enough copies to sell wholesale, holler.

I’ll also try to restock these at Turntable Lab and Amoeba Music in Los Angeles, possibly the Reed Space in NYC too.