Paul Nice: Soul On the Grill 
From Soul On the Grill Vol. 1 (2004)

I’ve been meaning to mention this mix-CD for ages and finally got around to it. Paul Nice is one of those DJs who doesn’t have to lace his tapes with the most obscure joints: he knows how to take perfectly common songs but cut and mix them together in a way that makes you completely appreciate both his skills and the quality of the songs themselves. This approach is straightforward and clean, balancing a good party DJs sensibilities with a few tricks but nothing close to the kind of masturbatory scratch routines some turntablists will go into. For example, check out how he flips “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” by Esther Phillips (the second song in that snippet mix above).

Simply put, if you want a great mix-CD filled with an excellent selection of ’70s soul (some songs you’ve heard before, some you haven’t), I guarantee this will likely stay in constant rotation for weeks.

Since releasing this volume, Paul Nice has also come up with a Vol 2: The ’80s sequel as well as a nice Brazil anthology (not hyper-mixed, just good selections)