Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z: Dear Summer

Memphis Bleek feat. Livin’ Proof: Get Low
Both from 534 (Roc-A-Fella, 2005)

I was going to bounce until Monday but Jazzbo done done it again, lacing Soul Sides with another ridiculously hot track. This time, it’s off of Memphis Bleek’s upcoming 534 album, due out the 17th.

Though “Dear Summer” says “Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z” there’s no Bleek on here at all…which, for most, is a good thing. I don’t mean to hate…well, ok, I do mean to hate but it’s AMAZING that Bleek is now on his fourth album when there’s a ton of far better MCs who’ve barely been able to get two recorded. I was reading a VH1 report on this album where they talk about “Dear Summer,” is where Jay passes the baton to his protoge but didn’t Jay do that about a dozen times before? Bleek’s been “passed the baton” more times than 4×100 relay runners and he has yet to blow. Will the 4th time be the charm? And where’s Sauce Money? Can he not eat off this gravy train too?

But anyways, back to “Dear Summer:” Just Blaze’s beat is so damn good – so melancholy and soulful. Jay calls it: “you’re gonna miss me this summer.” And this is hilarious: “I got a new bitch: corporate America. She showing me a lot of action right now.”

I liked the song so much, I went out and tracked down the whole CD and found “Get Low,” another Just Blaze production. This time, Blaze messes with Simtec and Wylie’s “Steady Bootleggin'” beat and rips the shit out of it. Seriously, this beat is fuggin’ ridiculous.