Sylvia Striplin: You Can’t Turn Me Away
From 12″ (Uno Melodica, 1980) and Give Me Your Love (Uno Melodica, 1980)

Speaking of sublime, you can’t speak badly about this 12″ by Sylvia Striplin on Roy Ayers’ Uno Melodica label. Notorious B.I.G. fans will chime in, “oh snap, that’s the beat from ‘Get Money'” and they’d be right but “You Can’t Turn Me Away” is so more than that. Especially at a time where disco is supposed to be on the outs, Striplin delivers one of the most memorable and gorgeously soulful dance cuts from the early ’80s. That squeegee sound is so distinctive and combined with the strong, mid-tempo rhythm, they add up to a sweet hook that keeps you on the line for the song’s six+ minutes.

Seriously, file this under “best thing ever”. While never uber-rare, it used to command upwards $50 for a clean copy. Lucky for you, both the 12″ and LP it appeared on have been reissued.


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