I’m way way way overdue to create a new mixtape. I have three that have been “in planning” (which is to say…I’ve been thinking about them) and wanted to see what my readers would prefer since I’m open on which one I do first.

1) Rooster Sauce: Soul, Funk and Psych from the Asian Diaspora

This would feature a variety of songs from different Asian/Asian American groups playing the aforementioned genres. It’s been a fun concept mix to collect records for, perhaps for obvious self-identity reasons.

2) The Spirit Moves You: Soul Sides Goes Gospel

Fairly self-explanatory: a gospel-inspired mix, based around the “Holy Ghost Posts” I’ve been putting up over the last year or so. Not gospel funk driven (though there might be a few in there) but definitely suffused in soul.

3) Adventures in Groove

Basically, it’d be the next in a line of party-focused mixes ala “Adventures in Rhythm” and “A Groove Thing.” Multi-genre.

4) El Loco: Soul Sides Goes Latin

Same concept but all Latin. This is definitely long overdue too!

Post your pref below, thanks.





  • I love the new interactive feature. Really appreciate this site. Totally got me into Vinyl and your tech post got me started. Good stuff man, good stuff. Also discovered the best record shops in the city, right up the street (what hole was a buried in!!)

    Lower Haight, SF

  • Howdy!

    Like, you can’t do all four?

  • word, I’d enjoy any of them but if i had to choose then either #1 or #2. Whittled down to Asian funk soul psych. Looking forward to whatever you choose homeslice.

  • AZNs making a comeback!

  • Can’t resist the Shriracha (sp?) Seems the most adventerous…Or , perhaps though, this might be the one that might most benefit from being put off till last, cause who knows what you still might dig up from now till then? Or are the track lists basically already filled up?

  • Miked: I’ve had a collection of songs I’ve been saving for the Rooster Sauce mix (I originally was going to go with “Pass the Sriracha” for the title but I decided to hedge my copyright bets) though I won’t finalize the playlist until I actually sit down and put it together.

  • Rooster.
    Or Gospel. 🙂

  • Tommy

    3, 4, 1, 2 in that order

  • Andy

    Gospel or Rooster, in that order, though I wouldn’t turn my nose to any mix.

  • jonathan m

    I honestly would listen to the mix no matter what style you put on it. cause I’m sure it will have something we like , never heard of just love!.

    I voted for gospel!!, but its two gospel and Latin grooves!

  • hadn’t been here in quite a while for one reason or another, but always a huge fan of the mixes. any mix would be cool. but since i have only one to choose, it’d be the Asian soul one. look forward to any one you provide.

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