The winner of the latest contest at Soul-Sides is Asad from the Windy City. Congratulations on winning the new Breakestra single! Don’t forget that the album, From Dusk Till Dawn, is out on September 29th. For the rest of you wanting to hear the new song, it is out NOW on vinyl and digital formats. Many thanks to Strut Records for sponsoring the contest and especially to you, our readers, for your continued support!

Contest Questions/Answers:

Q1. Breakestra is led by this “Music Man,” Miles ________. Fill in the missing word.
A1. Tackett
Q2. Name the title of their debut album. (Hint: It’s NOT one of the mixtape releases.)
A2. Hit The Floor
Q3. “Music Man” Miles also released a non-Breakestra mixtape in 2004 under the name DJ Miles that was “Live From Hollywood.” Name the mixtape title.
A3. Funky Sole, Vol. 1