The folks at Thirteen/WNET have added even more episodes from the old show Soul to their website, including a killer set with New Birth and the Nite-Liters. You also have to see their “young people’s show, especially the last performance where Jimmy Briscoe and the Beavers cover “Hot Pants.” Ridiculously good.

Folks really need to appreciate and understand what an incredible resource this is. It’s not just that these performances are being brought back from the past, but the quality of the video and audio is pristine and as a time capsule, it’s hard to imagine a better preserved scenario. It blows my time every time I visit.

This won’t do justice since you really need to watch the performance, but I love, love, love the fact that the Nite-Liters took their awesome funky instrumental “Do the Granny” and then splice in Bill Withers’ “Grandma’s Hands”. Here’s a snippet from that performance (but watch the video!)

The Nite-Liters: Do the Granny/Grandma’s Hands
From Soul! (Nov. 1, 1972)