Just the kind of news to piss one off – some a**holes broke into Daptone Studios over the weekend and wrecked havoc.

    “Friends and associates,

    As you may have heard through the grapevine by now, Daptone was broken into last night. Unfortunately, there was a lot of equipment (mics, pre-amps, monitors, turntables, guitars, amps, computers, etc.) stolen and damaged. It is going to take us a while to go through everything and take full stock of what was stolen, and we are not supposed to touch anything until the cops come back to collect fingerprints so we can only guess what’s missing from some mic drawers and cabinets.
    And, no, we did not have insurance. We had been shopping around with different companies earlier this month but had not signed a check, so nothing was insured. We are working on replacing the gate in front, installing an alarm system, and getting insurance, but it is President’s day so it’s not going as quickly as we would have liked.
    Nydia’s computer was stolen (which wasn’t backed up) and the modems/ phone system was ripped out, so we’ll be relatively out of commission for a few days.

    I would like to ask for everyone’s help first in keeping an eye out for all of our stuff showing up on ebay/craigslist/local music shops, and secondly (and more realistically) keeping an eye out for good deals on headphones, mics, pre-amps, etc. I could really use a heads up on any kind of studio package for sale or studio equipment to be possibly bought or borrowed as soon as possible. We have a session scheduled for Friday to lay down some music for (I know this sounds
    surreal) Rod Stewart, and I’m going to have to get the studio running by then. I know I’m going to need to find headphones, cables, mics, and pre-amps by then. I’m not sure what else yet.

    Upon first glance we are definitely missing:
    Fender Super Guitar Amp in case
    Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp
    A whole bunch of headphones and wires
    Nydia’s HP laptop computer
    One Desktop MacIntosh Computer
    One Purple Audio API style lunchbox with
    four Purple Audio Biz mic pre-amps
    2 Yamaha NS10 monitors
    Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar
    One steel string acoustic guitar
    Martin Tenor sax in a gig bag
    Technics 1200 turntable
    Ion USB turntable
    Teac Receiver/stereo amp
    Sony dual deck CD burner/player
    All of our modem/phone system stuff was ripped out and taken.
    A whole bunch of condensor and dynamic microphones (I still need to
    figure out exactly what’s missing)
    The power supply for my Trident console was tossed and the board was
    moved (probably not gently) so the status of that is still questionable.
    A baldwin organ was tossed and is probably broken.
    Lacie External hard drive

    Over the next few days, as we sort out the rubble, we are going to
    figure out what else we lost.

    We are putting in a roll down front gate, alarm system, and finally
    getting our insurance happening this week. We are also going to hire
    a security guard to watch the house for tonight as the cops and alarm
    guy seemed pretty confident that they will be back with a truck now
    that they’ve seen what’s in here.

    Thanks for keeping eyes open for us. AND PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE

    Thankfully, we all still have our health, ambition, tape machines, and
    sense of humor in tact. You can slow us down, but you can’t stop
    us. Sleep well knowing we here at Daptone will continue to…

    Keep putting Soul up,

    Gabriel Roth

    P.S. On a lighter note, it seems like the burglars did drop a few
    items in order to lift Alex’s old safe out of here, which was VERY
    heavy, VERY unwieldy, and also VERY EMPTY!”

If you have any info to help, try contacting Daptone.

(Thanks Monique and Frank151)