For Label Reps/Publicists

Q: Does accept submissions for reviews/write-ups?

A: Yes, but we ask folks to consider the fit before sending material through. Much as we like getting music to review, it would save both parties a lot of time and effort to avoid sending through material that doesn’t synch with the site and its focus.

First of all, these are the main genres of music covered here at

  • Soul, disco and funk (1960s and ’70s. More James Brown/Eddie Bo, less George Clinton/Rick James).
  • Hip-hop.
  • Latin/Afro-Latin/Brazilian, especially soul and jazz influenced.
  • Soul-influenced jazz (but not contemporary acid jazz) from the 1960s and ’70s.
  • World music with a soul/funk edge.
  • …and on occasion, various sub-genres of rock (psych especially).

Though most of what we cover tend to be “vintage” albums/singles from yesteryear, we also spend quite a bit of time covering new releases but in this order of importance:

      1) Reissues of previously released vintage albums covering the above genres.


      2) Anthologies/compilations of vintage material covering the genres above.


      3) New music in the vein of the above genres


    these kinds of artists/projects have a fairly high bar to meet. It really depends.

To get a better sense, here are some smaller labels who’ve had success in drawing our interest have included: Now and Again/Stonesthrow, Truth and Soul, Daptone, Soundways, Light in the Attic, Emusica/Fania, etc.

Major labels working reissues/compilations of vault items – Atlantic, Stax, Motown, etc. – are of course, equally welcome.

Q: What if I’m a new artist/band and I want you to hear some of our music?

A: If you have music online, that’d be the best. Just email us a link to wherever we can hear your tunes. CD submissions are far less effective because of time reasons. Pre-programmed iPods though? That’d work. 😉

Q: How can I get your mailing address?

A: Email us.


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