Mix Master Spade and Compton Posse: Genius Is Back
From 12″ (LA Posse, 1988)

First, Mixmaster Spade was reported to have died in a motorcycle accident.
Then it was corrected: he had been injured, but hadn’t died.
Now, it seems, he really has passed.
Real, rumor? At this point, we’re still reeling over Lyn Collins.

Spade is one of those unsung, behind-the-scenes players in the L.A. rap scene. Not a household name (outside of LA) but if you trace the history of hip-hop in the Southland, his influence has been undeniable. Jeff Chang talks a good deal about Spade in Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop and there’s also this 2004 interview by the Poetess with the Mixmaster.

Spade released a few 12″s back in the late ’80s on the LA Posse imprint (lime green = noice). “Genius is Back” features a few of Spade’s protoges, including King Tee and DJ Pooh (the latter who helped produce this single). The beat is “Genius of Love” by the Tom Tom Club and it’s funny that Spade shouts out Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, the East Coast rap duo who also cut a song set to “Genius of Love” the year prior. I just wish they had kept that “Rocksteady” intro break throughout the song – hot way to kick shit off, especially with that 808 kick.

*sigh* One of these weeks, I’d love to NOT have to do a tribute post.