Ben McKean & Dana Howard: “”Everyone had a great time at our wedding and Oliver was a big reason why. He’s a fantastic DJ who can find just the right unexpected gem to get everyone dancing. And not only did he find just the right mix for our crowd, but he really went above and beyond throughout the day and worked to make sure that the whole event had great sound. We couldn’t have been happier working with him.”

Erin Gepner and Evan Wolf: Oliver was an incredible DJ. His original style was the perfect soundtrack to our wedding. All the music from the cocktail hour, to the dinner, and for the dancing was amazing. So many of our friends have remarked about how fabulous the music was at the wedding. Erin and I keep talking about how good it was too. We couldn’t imagine a better soundtrack on such an important night.

5057 liz jeff wedding

Elizabeth Duong and Jeffrey Leung: There’s a fine art to rocking a crowd (especially a wedding crowd) and Oliver did an excellent job by playing jams that appealed to people of all ages and musical preferences. Whether it was my pops singing along to a cover, or a friend recognizing a sample, his selection definitely captured the attention of our guests. In addition to spinning at our wedding, Oliver also did a custom mix that Liz and I handed out as wedding favors. He drew inspiration off a list we provided and the result was 60 minutes of fun and funkiness all tied together with the common theme of love. It’s been nearly a year since our wedding and our guests still tell us how much they loved the mix. Oliver played a big role in our special day and it was a pleasure working with him.

Margot Melcon & Jon Wolanske: Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things a couple could experience, especially without the benefit of a wedding planner – which was our situation. Working with Oliver, though, was probably the most stress-free decision we made. He approached the wedding like a journalist — which he is — wanting to know about our attendees, what we loved listening to, what we hated, who we are as a couple, etc. He then put together an incredible evening of music that was worlds beyond your typical iPod playlist of the best of MJ and Prince. There’s an artistry to reading the vibe and flow of a crowd and he was able to craft moments of build and moments to chill that felt effortless and absolutely right. He even dropped an obscure song that was casually mentioned during our ceremony into the mix in the middle of the evening. Oliver made sure our soundtrack thrilled and surprised every generation. Everybody flipped for his skillful orchestration and continue to mention him as a highlight of the event, as they continue to enjoy the MP3 playlists he put together and shared with our guests. If we had to do it all over again, choosing Oliver as our DJ would be the first – and easiest – decision we’d make.

Kacie Ratner and Dan Bachelder: “We chose Oliver to DJ our wedding after we went to the wedding of our good friends (the Wolfs). We wanted an amazing dance party and Oliver delivered. Not only was the music spot on, but we had the most epic Hava Nagila. Everyone was on the dance floor the whole night. He was so easy to work with and and mixed in all of our “must have songs” perfectly into the night. Everyone told us how much fun the party was and we really have Oliver to thank for that. He definitely knows how to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there. We could not have been happier. Oliver, we heart you!”