My original Aretha mix was created two years ago, following a tribute party for Devil’s Pie. This past fall, I was invited to create a new tribute set for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame’s Music Masters event and I decided to revisit the mix and give it a significant makeover.

This new mix, Aretha Redux takes a few elements from the original mix but otherwise rethinks and revamps the approach. The idea, especially this time, was to really focus on lesser known Aretha songs and though I still snuck some of her bigger tracks in there, I tried to mix it up enough so it didn’t sound like a “greatest hits” comp. What I felt was most gratifying was simply finding good points to mix between songs; it’s not easy to do with non-quantized tracks but for whatever reason, I found all kinds of opportunities to segue between Aretha songs in unexpected, yet organic sounding ways.

Here’s the tracklisting:
(All songs by Aretha Franklin unless otherwise *indicated)

01 Song For Aretha (*Bernard Purdie)
02 Sweet Bitter Love
03 Only the One You Love 1
04 One Step Ahead
05 Hello, Sunshine
06 Mr. Big (Hear the sampler from Tracks 1-6)
07 Cry Like a Baby
08 Won’t Be Long
09 Oh No Not My Baby
10 Baby, I Love You
11 Come Back Baby
12 Walk On By
13 Until You Come Back to Me
14 Until You Come Back to Me (*Stevie Wonder)
15 I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face (*Sonja Clay)
16 I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face
17 Rocksteady (*The Marvels)
18 Rocksteady (Alt. Mix)
19 Respect (*Otis Redding)
20 Respect
21 Respect (*Mighty and the Malicumba A Go-Go)
22 Baby, Baby Sim Baby (*Eduardo Araujuo)
23 Baby, Baby Sweet Baby
24 Jump
25 Mockingbird
26 So Soon
27 Eleanor Rigby
28 Save Me
29 Radio Promo
30 Running Out of Fools (alt. take)
31 All Night Long
32 You’ll Lose a Good Thing
33 Day Dreaming
34 Aretha, Sing One For Me (*George Jackson)
35 You’re All I Need To Get By

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  1. This may be mislabeled as “Only the Lonely” in the sound file tags