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Ever since I upgraded my home studio to include a broadcast-quality mic, I’ve wanted to start producing a (slightly) more professional podcast. I’ll be straight up: I was totally inspired by the example of Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America after being interviewed by him a few years back and realizing: damn, he produces his entire show out of his living room. 1 I’m not trying to produce a public radio-level podcast but having good sound was at least a step in the right direction. 2

The idea behind the Sidebar is simple: interview a guest and find a way to work in a 3 song playlist. Pretty simple. We’ll see how it evolves!

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    1. Jesse will hopefully be an upcoming guest; I had wanted him to be my first but the timing didn’t work out but it should soon.
    2. As it is, I now use my home studio to record my reviews for All Things Considered which is great since it saves me a trip to Culver City.