Jay Electronica: My World
From Victory mixtape (2010)

DJs Furious Style and Dub’s Victory mixtape of all Jay Electronica joints has stayed in steady rotation since the beginning of the year and one song that I keep coming back to is his tribute to Nas, “My World.” I’m not sure who produced this (prob Jay himself?) but I like how he revisits Ahmad Jamal to create a beat similar-to-but-not-a-duplicate of “The World Is Yours.” And soaking in that vibe made me nostalgic for all the good piano-based beats

To be sure, I’m hardly […]

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The Bamboos: Ghost
From 4 (Tru Thoughts, 2010)

Kings Go Forth: High On Your Love
From The Outsiders are Back (Also @ Amazon) (Luaka Bop, 2010)

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7: Madhouse Mumbai
From Seahorse and the Storyteller (Truth and Soul, 2010)

Flowering Inferno: Dub Y Guanguanco
From Dog With a Rope (forthcoming on Tru Thoughts, 2010)

Rakaa: C.F.P.
From Crown […]

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