I originally mentioned “Morning” a little over three years ago in one of my “Who flipped it better?” posts but I erroneously wrote it about as if it were Tjader’s original. It’s actually a Clare Fischer tune but given that I had discovered Tjader’s music first – and I was too lazy to look at publishing credits – I assumed Fischer had covered Tjader vs. the other way around.

Either way, it’s an absolutely marvelous bit of laid-back Latin jazz goodness and holds up from version to version. Here’s both Fischer’s original plus a re-recording […]

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Jay Electronica: My World
From Victory mixtape (2010)

DJs Furious Style and Dub’s Victory mixtape of all Jay Electronica joints has stayed in steady rotation since the beginning of the year and one song that I keep coming back to is his tribute to Nas, “My World.” I’m not sure who produced this (prob Jay himself?) but I like how he revisits Ahmad Jamal to create a beat similar-to-but-not-a-duplicate of “The World Is Yours.” And soaking in that vibe made me nostalgic for all the good piano-based beats

To be sure, I’m hardly […]

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