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yaki.JPG bluecaps.JPG
Mikis Theodorakis : Cafe Rock
taken from the soundtrack album “Z” on Columbia (1969)

Sum Sum : Mountain Beauty
taken from the album “Midnight Guitar” on Regal/EMI (196?)

Los Yaki : Las Estatuas De Marfil
taken from the album “Vol. II” on Pickwick/33 (196?)

Los Blue Caps : Tu Mujer, Yo Yaron & Solo Vivo Por Tu Amor
taken from the album “Cuando Te Miro” on Parnaso (1970)

Imagine the immense awe […]

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Delta 5 : Mind Your Own Business
taken from the compilation Disco Not Disco on Strut (2008)

Set The Tone : Dance SUcker (Francois K Mix)
taken from the compilation Funky Nassau on Strut (2008)

Sonora Casino : Astronautas A Mercurio
taken from the compilation Obsession on Bully (2008)

The Funkees : Akula Owu Onyeara
taken from the compilation Nigeria Special on Soundway (2007)

Juan Bautista […]


Synthetic Fonk Across The Ages

edwin starr - get up whirlpool 1980.JPG Ripple.jpg

IMG_4930.JPG ltfireman60.jpg

Edwin Starr: Get Up Whirlpool
Taken from the 12″ on 20th Century (1980)

Ripple: I Don’t Know What It Is (But It Sure Is Funky)
Taken from the self-titled LP on GRC (1973)

Sun: Fall Out On the Dancefloor
Taken from the album Eclipse on Air City Records (1984)

Jim: I’m a Baller + How Do You Like It
Taken from the album Long Time Comin’ (2007)

Today we […]

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The Exciters: Yo, Que Nada Tengo + Let Your Self Go
From S/T (Tamayo, late ’60s?)

Margie Joseph: I Can’t Move No Mountains + The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
From Margie (Atlantic, 1975)

I was thinking of something Murphy’s Law wrote a few weeks back: “THE DEEPER YOU GET, THE DEEPER THE MUSIC GET. There is more ill music out there than you and I can wrap our sorry little heads around.”

To me, the second statement actually refutes the former because really, there’s an incredibly, unfathomable amount of “ill […]


The Original Gumbo Funk

Bob Azzam: Rain, Rain, Go Away, Berimbau and The Last Time
Taken from the album New Sounds on Columbia (1968)

Query: Where in pop music does a bespectacled Lebanese-born Egyptian-Jew who, on a single album, records covers of Alan Toussaint, The Rolling Stones and classic Brazilian standards fit in… Is there a home on the charts for a guy who sings in six languages, borrowing sonic textures from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu and everything in between?

Answer: Yeah. He’s got a home alright. And I’ll tell you exactly where he fits […]

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Land Of 1000 Remixes


Erykah Badu : Honey (Capt. Planet Remix)

exclusive freshness

Red Astaire : Love To Angie (Remix of Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”)

taken from the album “Nuggets For The Needy” on Homegrown

The Doors : Break On Through (Bossarocker Remix)

taken from the whitelable 12″ available here

Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth : DWYCK (Little Kids Remix)

taken from the whitelable 12″ available here

Pretty much fell in love instantly with the new Erykah single (and accompanying video), so when I got my hands on the […]

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Thursday, January 31
The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd (Echo Park)
10pm – 2am: FREE

DJs O-Dub (Soul Sides) and Murphy’s Law (Captain’s Crates)
Spinning: Soul, Latin, Funk and more

Murphy’s Law from Captain’s Crates and O-Dub (Soul-Sides) are once again joining forces at the Short Stop in Echo Park. We just rocked the spot three weeks back and promise to knock it out the park again this Thursday.

Given our mutual interests, expect a lot of Latin this evening, but also a nice dose of soul, funk, disco, etc.

As with […]

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Welcome to the World of Krontjong

kron1.JPG kron2.JPG
Keronchong Salina : Bubuj Bulan & Modjang Priangan
taken from the album “Vol. 2” on Philips (197?)

Maroeti and his Krontjong Boys : Onde-Onde (“Sweet Cake”)
taken from the album “Ballads In Batik Vol. 2” on RCA (1974)

Kontjong, Kronchong, Kroncong, Keronchong… as mysterious in spelling as it is in melody. Moody, brooding, beautiful. I have several cassette tapes of similar music that I picked up in Indonesia back in 2000, but digitizing those would require pulling […]

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Specks Williams: We Gave the Drummer Some
From 7″ (Jax, 196?)

Little Hooks w/ Ray Nato and the Kings: Give the Drummer Some More
From 7″ (United Artists, 1972)

Nothing too elaborate here – I picked up this Specks Williams 45 recently and automatically thought of the Little Hooks song; thought the two made sense to pair together. As it turns out, there’s an interesting coincidence b/t the two, insofar as Baltimore’s Little Hooks w/ Ray Nato and the Kings were first signed, back in the 1950s, to the Jax imprint, same […]

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Charles Bradley: The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
From 7″ (Dunham, 2007)

Anthony Hamilton: Do You Feel Me
From American Gangster Soundtrack (Def Jam, 2007)

Jay-Z: 99 Problems (Royal Edit)
From Armed Snobbery (2007)

Look…I know that it already seems like I’m on Daptone’s payroll or something but frankly they’re just in an amazingly productive period right now and alas, most of it is great so the more good sh– they put out, the more likely I will be to write about it. And look at it this way: this post is Crackhouse free!


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