Had some time to kill this afternoon while waiting on some ribs to cook up on the grill. Decided to jump on the tables and put together an impromptu radio show on 75 minutes, mixing up some new arrivals, some classics, and some stuff I literally just grabbed randomly off the wall.

The Ozone Show: Saturday Night Special (1-26-13)
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Bolivar Blues Band: Speaker Equilibrium (Bolivar Speaker Works, 1977)
Asha Puthli and the Surfers: Sunny (Columbia India, […]



Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall 2012 299x207

In going through my old radio aircheck tapes, I found one labelled with my dude Adam Mansbach’s name, from 2003. How old is this? It’s so old that he tells us to “look out for my upcoming book, The Angriest White Boy in the World” (or something like that; I’m paraphrasing). That book, of course, turned out to be entitled Angry Black White Boy but my point is: this was from a ways back.

Adam is now touting his latest book (two novels […]



So…it only took me a dozen or so years to get around to digitizing more of my KALX shows but at the risk of being self-absorbed, it’s interesting to me to revisit a period of my musical life to see what kind of records were a big deal to me back then and what I’d still cosign on today.

I just posted an old show, also from 2000, the other week. This latest comes from the literal end of 2000, a December 27th show. Alas, I don’t have […]

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Thanks again to Michael Barnes of the Melting Pot for letting me sub his show this past Sunday. It’s been at least six years that I had to host a show on my own and let’s just say it’s not like learning to ride a bicycle again. More like trying to remember how to cook a recipe!

The total show was 2 hours but a recording snafu killed the last 40 minutes so here’s the first 80 minutes of the show, including mic breaks.

Here’s the total playlist:

DJ Day: Drum Track #2

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THE OZONE – 9/29/02

I often times forget that when I’m too busy to do a full post, I still have roughly 10 years worth of radio shows to draw from so long as I remember to digitize them once in a while. Here’s a show from about five years ago (christ, I can’t believe 2002 = five years ago. Damn, I feel old). I like how I talk about a “new segment” on the show but I’m pretty sure I stopped doing the “Under the Covers” segment after only a handful of times…not for any particular reason besides laziness. Still, some good […]

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The Ozone – July 5, 2000

Another retrieval from my radio past at KALX FM in Berkeley, CA. This clip comes from a show that’s just a little over seven years back. Yowzers. Apart from the usual mix of styles, I included a short set of “Spinning Wheel” covers.

Here’s the playlist:

Mike Longo: Angel of Love
Johnny Jenkins: I Walk on Guilded Splinters
Too Def: I Am Who I Am
Bizzie Boys: Droppin It
De La Soul: Ooooh!
Allen Toussaint: Louie
Lee Dorsey: Four Corners
Eddie Bo: Friend and a Lover
Cannonball Adderley: Capricorn
Junior Mance: Spinning Wheel
Peggy Lee: same
Wade […]

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The Ozone, 10/14/03 Pt. 2 and 3

First of all, a quick SSV2 update: I finally got in everything: LPs and CDs. LPs all went out over the weekend. CDs are packaged and ready to ship but I’m nursing a stomach flu bug that’s kickin’ my a– right now so I wasn’t able to take stuff down to the post office today. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I won’t be laid out as badly.All CDs went out on 6/13.

Second, congrats to J. Thorton who won the copy of the Mingering Mike book for correctly guessing the eight record label logos in the new banner. […]

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Blast from the past

The Ozone Show, Tuesday, October 14, 2003
90.7 FM, KALX, Berkeley

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve been meaning to digitize a few of my old radio shows. For those of you who didn’t know, I did college radio for over 10 years, all at KALX in Berkeley. This was one of my last shows, in late 2003, before I left radio and – coincidentally – started audioblogging. Seems like a good time to bring it full circle, plus give ya’ll some tunes to listen to while I’m busy with some writing work that’s keeping me […]

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