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1) There’s something like a gazillion blogs being created every day. The vast majority are worthless. Then there’s Just Blaze’s blog. It is whatever lies at the far, far opposite end of worthless, especially with posts like these.

2) Jay Smooth – a legend in three games: radio, blogs and now – vlogs). What’s with the cat though?

3) KRS-One is still going after Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. I’d like to take some time out to comment on this further but I’m short on time. Suffice to say, KRS actually has some compelling points […]

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Taking It To the Max

One of the compliments once paid to Soul Sides was in regards to our now famous “Apache Post” that was an adaptation of a Michaelangleo Matos paper given at the Experience Music Project Conference a few years back – this time, complete with sound files to help illustrate the point.

The reason people seemed to like it is that it seemed to embody the potential for audioblogs to create a unique medium for discussion and expression. After all, it’s more than just text or music on its own, but can combine the two in […]

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Where Are They Now? Right Here.

If you want to know just what makes audioblogging the unique medium it is, Wake Your Daughter Up presents Exhibit A: a breakdown of Nas’ “Where Are They Now” that includes histories on the various artists Nas shouts-out PLUS links to their songs. Bonkers.

Round 1 includes MC Shan, Kool Moe Dee, Sha Rock, and UTFO.

Updated Blog Roll

So we finally updated the blog roll.

1) Steinski has a blog?! Awesome. Seriously, Stein is like the dudest of dudes ever.

2) Album blogs are now, for the first time really, represented. It was inevitable.

3) I’ve also include a few sites that are not, technically, pure audioblogs but mix content, such as the always excellent rap-related sites like Oh Word, Smoking Section and The Rap Up.

4) Of the new-new blogs, the most promising seem to be:

A) >bounce/oz. The spelling of their site is awkward – even if it is a […]

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Every so often, I take it upon myself (pretension alert!) to look around the audioblogosphere (try saying that 10 times quick) and offer some general comments. Here’s my latest installment:

1. ZShare = ?

One of my pet peeves in the past are sites that rely on rapidshare or yousendit or similar free services to transfer single songs (albums are a different story) mostly because it forces the reader to download the song without being able to listen to it first. What I like about ZShare is how you can listen to whatever it is […]

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Soul Sides link policy:

1) I only link pages that I’d actually visit myself. You might have the most kick ass death metal audioblog ever created but mine is not an appropriate site to trade links with. You might try Tofuhut though, who maintains the most thorough audioblog roll I’ve ever seen.
“Appropriate” means you at least include some postings that deal with soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, etc.
2) If you don’t update your site at least once a month, I’ll likely remove your site from the roll. I don’t clean house often but when […]



I’ve been derelict in updating my blogroll but seriously, it’s just a low priority since I rarely, rarely have enough time to browse other blogs. That said, I do try to check out suggested new sites when people send me queries. Most of them I’m just not that into on a personal level – that’s not a criticism, it’s more than, musically-speaking, I’m not vibing off what’s there.

One recent exception? Office Naps.

It’s devoted to 45s (good sign #1) and it’s actually incredibly informative in terms of explaining genres, offering up examples and breaking […]

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Oh snap, it’s the long-awaited Sticker Shock (we ain’t the only “SS” up in hurr), an audioblog run by:Sasha Frere-Jones, Hua Hsu, Dave Tompkins and Jeff Chang.

That’s like a Dream Team of music hounds.

They’ll show you how to do this, son.


After three straight weeks of collaboration fever (Soul Hut, Blunts vs. Soul), we’re going to just return to our good ‘ol days of solo Soul Sidery for a few (though I still got stuff cooking in the pot involving some great guest editors). I have Nina Simone on tap, a bunch of Eastern European rock and jazz, and more Latin sides to slide your way.

Just a quick note: I think this began with the Rolling Stone article but I don’t specialize in “R&B and soul.” Those two terms are redundant. The line between “R&B” and “soul” is as […]



It might be autumn here in America but it’s springtime for audioblogs. Everytime I turn around, more and more are springing up. Here’s a few that are glowing on Soul Sides’ radar:Jazz and Conversation. Nick Francis from just kicked this off, bringing his awesome knowledge of jazz to the forefront. Recent postings include a

gorgeous, subtle Duke Ellington track off of Money Jungle and a great female vocal song by Madeleine Peroux.

The Naughahyde Life. I have no idea what the hell naughahyde means (and I’m too lazy to look it up) but when you got someone nicknamed Thebeathunters behind the […]

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