Cool (2015) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

I finished most of this last summer; it was meant to be a summery vibe mix but by the time I actually had the finishing touches applied…it was close to winter and I figured, heck, I’ll just wait until things thaw out again. I hadn’t made a purely hip-hop-centric mix in years and I don’t know why I don’t do this more. I had so much fun picking through songs […]



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Let It Whirl is the first real cross-genre “party mix” I’ve worked on in (yikes) over 10 years. I had gobs of fun putting this together, especially since I consciously drew on certain songs/segues that I’ve chanced upon over the years, spinning out for dance floors. In case you care, I discuss the process in footnote #1

Let It Whirl (2014) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

A high-quality mix can be purchased from East Bay Digital for $9.99

As I mentioned recently, I’ve made a few of my former mixtape free to listen to and eventually, this mix will join those ranks but for now, your purchase helps support this site. Thanks!

Liner Notes:

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  1. For my mixes, I always start with a massive master list of potential songs and then gradually whittle it down to about 130% of what I’ll end up using. Then it comes down to play with segues and finding songs that either sonically or thematically seem to go together. This is probably my single most favorite part of the experience (besides listening to the final product)…experimenting with segues and hoping for unexpected outcomes. For the tracking and effects, I use the open-source multitrack program Reaper, which I couldn’t recommend more highly (though it does have a bit of a learning curve). I asked my friend DJ Phatrick to handle the final mixdown since he has far more engineering experience than I do – and after all these years, I feel like I never get the levels right on my own.



This past summer, I gave myself a goal to finally get back to making some new mixes. In particular, I wanted to create a new hip-hop mix and a multi-genre party mix. I loved making these “back in the day” which loosely translates into “before I was a dad and had a full-time job.” In a few days, I’m going to make good on half that promise by releasing Let It Whirl, the party mix (and the hip-hop mix will follow in a few weeks after).

To make room for these […]

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“Lemonade” (preview for a mix-in-progress) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

It’s a little shocking to me but I haven’t released a full-fledged hip-hop mixtape since Auditory Assault and that came out in 2001. (I guess parenthood and a full-time job slows down the productivity on other fronts).

This summer, I made it a point to start working on mixes again. The first mix (and I’ll tease it later) is a party mix in the vein of […]

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Soul Sides Vol. 4 (The Proper Version) by Soul-Sides.Com/O. Wang on Mixcloud

When I sat down to brainstorm Soul Sides Vol. 3, I actually came up with tentative tracklistings for three future volumes. I didn’t want to drop all three at once since I knew, with the benefit of time and perspective, I would likely make tweaks here and there. So I sat on Vol. 4 and it’s only been over the last month or so that […]

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