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Mikis Theodorakis : Cafe Rock
taken from the soundtrack album “Z” on Columbia (1969)

Sum Sum : Mountain Beauty
taken from the album “Midnight Guitar” on Regal/EMI (196?)

Los Yaki : Las Estatuas De Marfil
taken from the album “Vol. II” on Pickwick/33 (196?)

Los Blue Caps : Tu Mujer, Yo Yaron & Solo Vivo Por Tu Amor
taken from the album “Cuando Te Miro” on Parnaso (1970)

Imagine the immense awe […]

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Manu Dibango: African Pop Session + Aphrodite Shake
From African Voodoo (PSI, 1972)

Ok – so people were asking about more top shelf records; here’s probably one of the first ones I got my hands-on. I copped this – I kid you not – from a record store in the United Arab Emirates. Not in person but even for an interweb find, it was still rather remarkable, especially since it cost me $20, including shipping. (It typically goes for a little bit more).

African Voodoo is basically a library-style […]



The Exciters: Yo, Que Nada Tengo + Let Your Self Go
From S/T (Tamayo, late ’60s?)

Margie Joseph: I Can’t Move No Mountains + The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
From Margie (Atlantic, 1975)

I was thinking of something Murphy’s Law wrote a few weeks back: “THE DEEPER YOU GET, THE DEEPER THE MUSIC GET. There is more ill music out there than you and I can wrap our sorry little heads around.”

To me, the second statement actually refutes the former because really, there’s an incredibly, unfathomable amount of “ill […]


Welcome to the World of Krontjong

kron1.JPG kron2.JPG
Keronchong Salina : Bubuj Bulan & Modjang Priangan
taken from the album “Vol. 2” on Philips (197?)

Maroeti and his Krontjong Boys : Onde-Onde (“Sweet Cake”)
taken from the album “Ballads In Batik Vol. 2” on RCA (1974)

Kontjong, Kronchong, Kroncong, Keronchong… as mysterious in spelling as it is in melody. Moody, brooding, beautiful. I have several cassette tapes of similar music that I picked up in Indonesia back in 2000, but digitizing those would require pulling […]

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Holy Grails Of Bizzarro


Yamasuki: Yama Yama, Kono Samurai, Yamasuki, Yokomo and Aieda
Taken from the album Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki on Biram (1970)

This post stands as a warning to the fledgeling record head, a couple hundred LP’s into the game and feeling pretty good about himself and his collection of sample-heavy CTI dollar-bin’ers and lesser known funk-rock gems on Westbound and Cotillion… You don’t know how far the rabbit hole goes.

Hear me loud and clear on this one, friends: THE DEEPER YOU […]

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Greetings Soul-Sides!


HPIM0072.jpg fatback.jpg

coke.jpg HPIM0065.jpg

Ernesto Djedje : Zadie Bobo & Zibote
taken from the album “Le Roi Du Ziglibithy” on Badmos (1977)

The Fatback Band : Wicki Wacky
taken from the album “Keep On Steppin’” on Event (1974)

Coke: Na Na & Te Amos Mas
taken from their self-titled album on Sound Triangle (1972)

Usha Uthup : Chhupke Kaun Aya
taken from the album “24 Carats” on Inreco (1981)

Captain Planet here, from Captain’s Crate. […]

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Proof that there is some greater cosmic wisdom in the universe…there are videos to the songs off of Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson.

Thanks to DJ Sheep.

BTW, I’m still on holiday break but I’ll be back around soon enough and expecting the true heads to roll through the Redwood Bar, ya heard?

Cissies Unite!: Covering The Meters Pt. 1

Trinidad Steel Band: Sissy Strut
From Super Album (Cherry Hill, 197?)

Pete Eye Trio: Sissy Strut
From S/T (Cavern, 197?)

Big Band Katowice: Madrox
From Music For My Friends (Muza, 1977)

One of the recurring songs that I’m always finding covers of is “Cissy Strut,” by the Meters. Arguably the first big hit, coming on their debut Josie album, the song has found incredible resonance with artists – not just across America but across the globe. Dare I say, outside of James Brown’s catalog, “Cissy Strut” might be up there with “It’s Your Thing” as a […]

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Funky Freeport b/w Funk Con Cubano Sabor

Jay Mitchell: Mustang Sally
Dry Bread: Words to My Song

Both from Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay (Numero Group, 2007)

Groupo Irakere: Bacalao Con Pan
Orquesta Riverside: En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes

Both from Si, Para Usted (Waxing Deep, 2007)

I’ve been far overdue writing about Grand Bahama Goombay, the latest edition in Numero Group’s “Cult Cargo” series (you might recall my March post on their Belize Boil-Up CD). As it happened though, on PRI’s The World the other day, they reviewed both that CD and Si, Para Usted (which I had just […]

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Fruko + Wganda Kenya: Uncut Colombian

Fruko Y Sus Tesos: Salsa Na Ma
From El Violento (Discos Fuentes, 1973).

Wganda Kenya:Tifit Hayed
From Africa 5000 (Discos Fuentes, 197?)

Both available on: Colombia: The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes. The Powerhouse of Colombian Music 1960-1976.

Finally back in L.A. after a nice 10 day trip up in the Bay. One of the folks I wasn’t expecting to run into up there was my man Beto, aka Roberto Ernesto Gyemant. For those not familiar with him, he’s turning out to be one of the most accomplished young Latin music scholars I’ve seen on the […]

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