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Sabroso: Freak-Out
From 7″ (Mystic, 1979)

Extra special shout out to Andy at Record Jungle for the hook-up on this. Talk about random: Mystic Records was a Hollywood-based label that, by far, is best known for a slew of 1980s releases by punk and thrash bands; it has a strong cult following. Sabroso’s recording here, a Spanish-language cover of Chic’s “La Freak,” clearly predates Mystic’s shift towards the punk world (and not surprisingly, the recording doesn’t seem to show up on discographies for the label).

I think “novelty” would be a kind way to describe this cover; it’s loyal…just not very good, at least not in the pantheon of “Spanish-language covers of Chic songs” (ok, I’m not sure if that pantheon includes anything besides Charanga 76 doing “Good Times”). But still, I love that someone in L.A. decided to do this regardless.



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