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Los Freddy’s: Vuelve Mi Amor (Never My Love)
From 7″ (Peerless, 196?)

Los Xochimilcas: Y La Amo (And I Love Her)
From Cumbias y Dengues (Eco, 196?)

I recently got the Los Freddy’s in…I always did love the original version by The Association and the Los Freddy’s pull off a pretty loyal cover musically. I could be wrong but doesn’t this sound like a bunch of teenagers? Either that or the lead has a naturally “young” sounding voice.

The Los Xochimilcas’ cumbia flip on “And I Love Her” by the Beatles is all kinds of awesome. Really stripped down but I love how they replace the vocals with an accordion instead. Totally works in some “Paris by way of Mexico City” sabor.



3 comments to ’60S POP EN ESPAÑOL

  • edword

    who sampled the los freddys vuelve mi amor track??? as well as th los xochimiclas y la amo????

  • Ongena Patrick

    This record is in my colection and it was made in 1965. This is for the persons who want to know it

  • Ongena Patrick

    As an answer to Edword i have the record and also the mp3 off Los Xochimidas y la amo, so if you wan’t the mp3 i can send it to you if you send me a mail on patrick.ongena1@telenet.be
    If you send me a mail also put the titel on it so i can see with song it is that you wan’t
    Greetings Patrick

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