It’s my birthday today (that’s right, me, Sean Penn and De Niro, motherpluckers). Since I’ve already given myself a birthday gift, I wanted to share one with all of you.

Before me and Wil’s weekly party at the Short Stop ended, we had planned on making a mix-CD together, dedicated to all slow jams. Alas, we never managed to put that together before the night ended but I still have my half of it. The zip file has 10 songs individually saved but the whole thing goes together in a mix.

Boogaloo 2: The Slow Jams
1. Robin Thicke: Ms. Harmony
2. Isley Brothers: Footsteps In the Dark
3. Lee Fields: Honey Dove (2002 version)
4. Bill Withers: Moanin’ and Groanin’
5. Bobby Caldwell: What You Won’t Do
6. Joe Bataan: I Wish You Love Pt. 1
7. Wendy Rene: After the Laughter
8. Aaron Neville: She Took You For a Ride
9. Bob and Gene: You Made My Life a Sunny Day
10. The Impossibles: Easy To Be Hard

Hope you all enjoy and thanks as always for supporting Soul Sides.



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