Sunny and the Sunliners: Soul Pride + Cissy Strut
From The Missing Link (Key-Loc, 197?)

I wanted to thank everyone for their support in picking up one our CDs. As a gesture of my gratitude, I decided to slip out another of the “top shelf” records (though not from a fire crate record[1]) with two cuts off this Sunny and the Sunliners LP. The group was based around San Antonio and had a long, healthy career, releasing singles and albums on the Key-Loc label. (Later, group member Rudy Guerra would go onto found a similar band, The [...]

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The Rascals: Groovin’
From Groovin’ (Atlantic, 1967)

Editor’s Note: This guest post comes from Scott Homewood who wanted to muse on the magic of the (Young) Rascals, one of more prominent blue-eyed soul groups that emerged during the mid/late 1960s. –O.W.

Written by Scott Homewood: When someone brings up the word “soul” pertaining to music, I immediately flash back to the first time I heard “Groovin’” by The (Young) Rascals. Let me tell you a little something: if you have not heard their stuff, you are missing out on some of the most soulful music you will [...]

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Buddy Miles dies at age 60.

Apart from his excellent cover of Neil Young’s “Down By the River” (above), Miles was responsible for “Them Changes,” a song that in all its permutations, I’ve always found to be excellent.


Mud.jpg Wolf.jpg Frog.jpg

Muddy Waters : I Just Wanna Make Love To You & Mannish Boy
taken from the album “Electric Mud” on Cadet (1968)

Howlin’ Wolf : Spoonful, Smokestack Lightning & Evil
taken from the album “The Howlin’ Wolf Album” on Cadet (1968)

Wynder K Frog : Into The Fire & Howl In Wolf’s Clothing
taken from the album “Into The Fire” on United Artists (1970)

It makes little sense to me, how after years of tirelessly searching the used bins [...]



Lloyd Charmers: Let’s Get It On
From Trojan Motor City Reggae (Trojan, 2006)

Little Beaver: Let the Good Times Roll
From Party Down (Cat, 1974)

Betty Wright: Tonight Is the Night
From Danger – High Voltage (Alston, 1974)

My sister-in-law is starting a dance class and is looking for suggestions for suitable music. To be more specific, she’s looking for: “”songs that make you feel like getting your groove on. Sexy slow uptempo or mid tempo, it’s all good we’re just asking for some ideas of what makes you feel sexy.” I’ve thrown some suggestions her way [...]

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