Ease Back: Covering the Meters Pt. 2

Grant Green: Ease Back
From Carryin’ On (Blue Note, 1969)

King Herbert and the Knights With Jack Harden: Chicken Strut
From S/T (Paragon, 1970). Also on Canada’s Message To The Meters

The Invaders: Look A Py Py
From Spacing Out (Duane, 196/7?)

Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band: Ease Back (snippet)
From 7″ (Melting Pot Music, 2007)

In the second part in this series, I look at other covers of Meters’ tunes. As noted: their sound got around, especially in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

This era of Grant Green’s career produced many of his most celebrated [...]

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Ski vs. Dr. Dre: Who Flipped It Better?

Labi Siffre: I Got The (Blues)
From Remember My Song (EMI, 1975)

Jay-Z: Streets Is Watching
From In My Lifetime (Roc-a-Fella, 1997)

Eminem: My Name Is…
From The Slim Shady LP (Interscope, 1999)

About time we got these two producers in the mix…and with an intriguing contrast of a shared sample. The Labi Siffre track has been used multiple times but most tend to flip the front part of the song – that dramatic portion that Ski uses for Jay-Z’s beat. It’s easy to see what the attraction to that would be. But it was Dr. Dre, [...]

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Cissies Unite!: Covering The Meters Pt. 1

Trinidad Steel Band: Sissy Strut
From Super Album (Cherry Hill, 197?)

Pete Eye Trio: Sissy Strut
From S/T (Cavern, 197?)

Big Band Katowice: Madrox
From Music For My Friends (Muza, 1977)

One of the recurring songs that I’m always finding covers of is “Cissy Strut,” by the Meters. Arguably the first big hit, coming on their debut Josie album, the song has found incredible resonance with artists – not just across America but across the globe. Dare I say, outside of James Brown’s catalog, “Cissy Strut” might be up there with “It’s Your Thing” as a funk [...]

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Pete Rock vs. Kanye West: Who Flipped It Better

Don Covay and the Jefferson Lemon Blues Band: If There’s a Will, There’s a Way
From Different Strokes for Different Folks (Janus, 1970). Also on Funky Yo Yo.

Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth: Lots of Lovin’ (remix)
From 12″ (Elektra, 1993)

Common: Southside
From Finding Forever (Geffen, 2007)

When I first heard the “Southside” during a listening session, my automatic thought was, “ah, ‘Ye is flipping that old Pete Rock beat.” Well…not exactly – there are some similarities, especially in how both songs use the same guitar/piano loop but while Pete Rock sticks with that sample, West [...]

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Presenting the Soul Sides Boxsets…

Soul-Sides.com is very proud to introduce the first volume of the Soul Sides Boxset, a partnership with Uber.com.

The story behind the Soul Sides Boxsets (SSBS) is that I’ve been looking for an opportunity to write longer, more in-depth, pseudo-encyclopedic entries that highlight specific artists or genres or labels, etc. and do so with sound, text, videos and more.

I should add though: these are, by no means, meant to be definitive entries. For example, with this Aretha post, there’s a lot I don’t discuss (her entire Arista career, for example). The Boxsets, like Soul Sides [...]

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